Poster – Making Design Look Simple

Making graphic design look cool with less isn’t easy. Infact it’s the complete opposite. There is real skill in making eye-catching designs that appear to have been applied with the minimum of effort.

When we make things look fresh and eye-catching it’s not because of a particular colour or typeface that’s been used, but from the knowledge and experience that goes into applying them.

Making something engaging with only a few design elements, such as colour and typographic fonts, relies massively on the skill of the person using them. That said, more and more seasoned designers, illustrators and artists are allowing their work available online on sites like Creative Market. This amazing design resource makes professional looking design within reach of even the smallest businesses.

We’ve hand-picked a selection our favourite design effects and filters available from Creative Market here…

Hand Crafted Vintage

The poster design above came from a colleague who was struggling with finding an authentic hand-crafted style for a poster promoting a new vintage clothing pop-up shop. These really nice textures with a letterpress style execution are hand made by Ian Barnard of the Vintage Design Co. We think they create a lovely effect and make the digitally-made design feel more hands-on and original.

If you’re struggling for new ideas to make your posters or promotional literature stand-out, please get in touch. We love to find new ways to work with colour and type (and some lovely hand crafted effects) to keep things interesting!