Expanding Section Demo

Demo to hide a section below an icon / button / link with the CSS Case ‘showme’ which opens a section DIRECTLY below, if an html element is placed in the top of the hidden section.

Add a new section to be hidden. Add a html widget and insert the code. Then set the section how you wish, and add the content.

Check out full ‘How-To’ demo on this link here:


document.addEventListener(‘DOMContentLoaded’, function() {

.showme > div > div > a , .showme > div > div > div > i , .showme > div > div > img{
cursor: pointer;
-webkit-transition: transform 0.34s ease;
transition : transform 0.34s ease;
.opened > div > div > div > i , .opened > div > div > img{
transform: rotate(90deg);


Add Your Heading Text Here

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