Why You Should Invest In Design

Design Council

For years we have told clients and customers that design makes a real difference to their businesses. However, the feeling always seemed to persist that for many it was a cosmetic difference, rather than one that effects the bottom line.

The latest design and economy report published by the Design Council – ‘The Design Economy, The value of design to the UK’ makes for really interesting reading because it puts some very clear figures down on paper. 

The biggest impact is that design is an investment that creates revenue for many and shouldn’t be viewed as a cosmetic cost. The contribution to the economy is £71.7bn so the industry is clearly doing something right. The statistic I found most interesting though, is that workers with a design element to their work are 41% more productive than the average.

So who has a design element in their work?

More of our clients are embracing design and getting involved in more creative communications each day. We find that demystifying B2B marketing helps, but the real difference we’ve seen over recent years is the way our clients have engaged with digital communications and how it can be worked into their day to day working. That’s the creative and productive difference the report is highlighting. Branding used to be viewed as the cosmetic facelift for big companies, but now everyone is more engaged with their website, video animations, white papers, email promotions, how-to films, digital presentations, and much much more. Our clients have got the their game on and like many others they are leaving the competition behind. The report is an interesting read and it’s reassuring to know that spending the extra time and effort to make our communications that bit more original and engaging is paying back to the bottom line.

The Design Council: The Design Ecomony

To see the full report visit www.designcouncil.org.uk or watch the video below…