WorkPlay Brand Identity

We have recently designed a new brand identity for Workplay – a new agency specialising in actor-led experiential workshops. These special classes are designed to help improve communication, productivity, and wellbeing at work by teaching people essential skills in today’s modern 24/7 life.

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We began this project by working with the Workplay team to create a brand story that captures their personality in an original way. From there, we were able to uncover clear values and vision for what they stand for as well as messaging on how it can be communicated.

Following the initial concept development, we moved on to creating a contemporary and fresh identity design for Workplay. With an original colour palette and typographic style that is clean yet playful, our team was able to create something recognisable in today’s market while also feeling entirely new. Just what Workplay’s founders wanted to express in their immersive experiential workshops.

With the final design in place, we delivered a complete suite of identity guidelines for the in-house team to take forward with their growing business.

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