Boosting online engagement with a digital audit

We recently completed a digital audit and website review for Plan with Care, a unique company based in Folkestone, Kent, offering tailored and creative support through care and wellbeing plans to ensure older people get the best possible quality of life – whatever their circumstances. 

They spoke to us because they were aware that their website needed updating and were planning on embarking on a complete rewrite of their online content. Before they started the work they wanted to ensure that the changes they made would have an impact on engagement and improve their customers’ experience. So, to help inform their strategy we carried out a digital audit of all of their digital and social media channels.

When carrying out a digital audit for your business, here are some things you should keep in mind:

1) Who is your target audience – What social media and digital channels do they use to find you? Which ones do they prefer? Knowing this can help you decide which social media platforms to invest time in. For example, if most of your customers are older and Facebook is their preferred platform then focus more on that channel rather than Instagram or Twitter.

2) Making sure your website is optimised – How easy (or difficult) does it seem for visitors to find what they’re looking for when visiting your site? Are there any small changes you can make which will improve the user journey and make it easier for them to find the information they are looking for.

So, taking these two considerations as a starting point, we were able to provide a complete and customised assessment of Plan with Care’s existing website and social media channels. We then assembled these insights into a comprehensive report designed to help the team understand how to leverage their digital channels more effectively to meet their strategic goals going forward.

Digital Audit & Design Goals

Plan With Care’s goals were to improve the website user experience and increase customer conversions. Therefore, our audit recommended a rewrite of their content with a more emotive and friendly tone of voice. In addition, some minor structural and design refinements, and the use of more engaging and creative infographics were created to catch the eye of the reader and work well as engaging social media content. 

Working closely with the Plan with Care team and their copywriting agency, Crescent Copywriting, we delivered a cleaner and more concise website that better reflected the company’s ethos.

Increased Page Views & Social Media Engagement

Plan with Care’s new Communications Officer used our audit of social media channels to implement a series of quick wins to improve overall social media engagement and referral traffic to the website. As a result of both the review and updates, Plan with Care’s website page views have increased by 25% and the business has seen a 25% increase in enquiries since their digital relaunch.

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