Coffee Shop Film

Workshop coffee shop film
As a creative agency we take great pleasure in telling the stories of the businesses we get to work with. A good video can tell a story in a very short time, and one of our key measures for success is giving audiences a strong insight into a business in under 60 seconds.

Introducing #60SecondInsight

Which gave us an idea for a challenge… to create a series of short insight films across lots of many innovative new brands and small businesses in the UK. Every video will be under 60 seconds in length and will reveal the story, the people and the passion behind their success. This #60SecondInsight video for London coffee shop and roastery Workshop Coffee  is the first in our series on small and growing businesses in the UK. We hope you enjoy it!

Interested in telling your story on film?

If you’d like to find out more about our #60SecondInsight videos, or you would like help creating a short film to promote your business or brand, please give us a call today ››