Brand Health Check for Step Ahead

Communications Audit

We created the original identity for Step Ahead, a specialist recruitment company based in central London nearly a decade ago. In the intervening years their branding had become diluted and their communication materials had lost their original impact.

Our brand health check can be an affordable option when your business is faced with branding challenges like Step Ahead. For as little as £400 we can identify simple solutions that will get your branding back on track quickly. And if the recommendations are for a rebrand, the hard work is already done and you’ll have a ready-made brief for your new branding and communications project.

This is what we did for Step Ahead…

1 › Research

First we researched all the different communication materials Step Ahead used and looked at the ways their brand identity had been used.


2 › Review

The next step was to review Step Ahead’s communication materials. Here we started to identify the strengths and weaknesses in the materials, and define areas where the brand identify was used to best effect.

This enabled us to give Step Ahead some clear direction in what they were doing well (so they could build on their strengths) and the mistakes they needed to avoid. It also established the character of their communications and gave us a clear direction for going forward.

3 › Discover

Stripping out the diluting aspects of the brand that had built up over the years, our review revealed the strong visual identity that they had had all along and gave us the foundations to revive Step Ahead’s brand identity.

4 › Suggestions

The full communications audit gave us the chance to suggest new ways of applying their existing brand identity to their current communication materials and enabled Step Ahead to see how good their existing brand identity could be with a few refinements rather than a costly rebrand.

Communications Audit

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