Lets Talk Designs at Royal Ascot

Royal Ascot is one of Britain’s most prestigious racing events, attracting audiences from across the globe, so when our client, the event catering company Creative Events, invited us to create a suite of designs to suite a range of food outlets at Royal Ascot we jumped at the chance. Never ones to miss the opportunity for a challenge – particularly ones associated with good food – we were happy to oblige.

The food stalls ranged from classics such as fish and chips and hog roast to modern street food style cuisine including curries and Banh-mi. We had lots of fun working on the project and it was huge buzz to see our food brand identities shared across Twitter alongside images of the extravagant hats and fashion finery on show at this year’s event.

Famously British Fish & Chips

A quintessential dish for a taste of Blighty. The identity wanted to have the feel of a modern offer with loads of heritage. A subtle nod to the British national identity with red, white and blue colour palette we created a brand logo evoking the idea of a Cath Kidson inspired chippy at the seaside.


With a name taken from the food delivery guys in Mumbai who bring hot dishes to your workplace this concept was about simple, quick dishes full of flavour and character. The typography of our design gave a nod to the motion of delivery guys combined with the softer, cultural references in the henna flower illustrations.

Saigon Cinnamon

For a outlet serving a fusion of street food styles we brought contrasting elements together with a mix of typographic styles and traditional, graphic illustrations around an central identity using a very bold and modern accent colourway.