Social Proof Film for ABER at Beaverworld


One of our most recent projects took us to Beaverworld in Enfield – the main brewery site for Beavertown Brewery. It reminded us of a behind the scenes ilming project we did at Brick Brewery a while back… we could get used to touring London breweries!

So why Beavertown? We were filming a social proof video for our client, ABER Instruments, who specialises in brewing equipment that measures the live concentration of yeast in the brewing process.

Beavertown Neck Oil

ABER yeast sensors and monitors are used and trusted by all the major brewing groups across the world, and they boast over 25 years of dedicated experience. 

But these days, experience and success aren’t always enough to get potential customers over the conversion line. They need social proof – reviews, testimonials, recommendations. And it’s hugely powerful – 92% of online consumers check out product reviews before making a purchase.

The film is currently in the editing phase but will offer a real-world insight into how ABER products are used throughout the brewing process. As a fashionable and recognised brewery, Beavertown is a great advocate for ABER because small craft brewers look up to them and try to emulate what they’ve done. Seeing Beavertown rave about ABER products will give other brewers the social proof they need to invest in them.

A key part of the video will be interviews with the head brewers, Ersi and Chris, who talk about how the ABER inline sensors help them overcome many of the traditional challenges of brewing – removing much of the guesswork, saving time, money and wastage, and garnering data that enables better consistency and easier repeatability.

We used EyeDirect for filming these interviews – a professional tool for filmmakers that guarantees direct eye contact from the subject, producing a more personal and direct connection with the viewers.

When finished, the film will provide ABER with a great marketing tool that offers that all-important social proof to use as part of their marketing strategy for a long time to come.

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