Curtis Brown Creative

Digital marketing, content strategy and SEO for the creative writing school led by leading literary agency Curtis Brown.

Helping new writers on their writing journey

Curtis Brown Creative has been helping new writers to write and edit their novels for nearly 10 years. Launched in 2011 as a way to help writers write their best and get expert advice from leading authors, literary agents and publishers, the writing school has now established itself as one of the leading creative writing schools in the UK, offering a range of writing courses in London and online.

"Let’s Talk have hugely improved our digital marketing. From structured marketing strategy and branded campaigns to the digital assets which support our promotional activities on social channels – they've us reach new audiences and sharpened our messaging to great effect."
Anna Davis
MD, Curtis Brown Creative

Digital marketing and strategy

Our work with Curtis Brown Creative is focused on the development of the school’s SEO, digital marketing and social media marketing strategy. We work closely with the in-house content and e-commerce teams in the implementation and delivery of that strategy. Our role also includes delivering branded design and production support for the company’s social media promotions and advertising campaigns.

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If you’re wondering where next? for the story of your brand, business, or campaign, we’d really love to hear from you. So let’s talk…

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If you’re wondering ‘where next?’ for the story of your brand, business, or campaign, we’d really love to hear from you.