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A series of short social media films as part of a major digital marketing campaign for FOCUS Bikes.

Social media films for the FOCUS BIKES Challenge

This series of social media films were part of a major digital campaign promoting FOCUS Bikes across three riding disciplines; mountain biking, road cycling and triathlon. 

Riders were then invited to enter online for the opportunity to become FOCUS Bikes ambassadors representing each disciplines – with each rider completing a series of challenges.

The films documented the ambassadors’ training progress in the lead up to their personal challenge, which were then published across social media to build awareness of the brand.

"These short and engaging edits gained huge coverage across social media channels and were broadcast on the Bike Channel."
Angie McFarlane
Digital Marketing Director

Capturing the challenge on location

The chosen ambassadors, including endurance cyclist Chris Hall, TFL’s Sophie Edmondson, author, blogger and journalist Felix Lowe, road cyclists Chris Shaw and Jasmijn Muller and extreme athlete Ross Edgley, were filmed in action and interviewed about their respective challenges.

The final videos told the story of each of the contestants’, capturing the emotions as they took on their chosen challenges. 

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