Fudge Kitchen

Branding, packaging design and interior design for hand-made fudge retail stores.

Refining the Fudge Kitchen brand

As the branding agency for UK confectionery producer Fudge Kitchen, we were commissioned to complete new interior designs and packaging Confectionery producer Fudge Kitchen as part of a £100,000 rebrand for the brand in 2019. 

Fudge Kitchen opened in 1983, making and selling fresh whipping cream fudge and butter fudge in stores and at events across the UK. It holds in-store fudge-making demonstrations so that customers can see the fudge being crafted before they buy it.

Retail interior design with a local flavour

Our designs made branding consistent across all stores in Bath, Canterbury, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Oxford, Windsor and York, while letting each shop retain its individual flavour.

A new brand colour palette was implemented and universal wall graphics added to each store. A large copper pot where the fudge is made – became the focal point of each store.

An ingredients board explaining how the fudge is made, an interactive menu board, and a counter blackboard listing the daily flavours and offers became common sales features in all stores.

Fudge Kitchen staff are encouraged to have fun with the counter blackboards by adding their own personality and tone to the messaging, giving each shop a personal and local feel.

The designs reflect the fun, energy and passion of Fudge Kitchen’s brand, and rolled out across the stores in February 2019.

'The contemporary re-packaging of the brittles and caramels range were designed to express the fun, individuality and passion of Fudge Kitchen’s stores, while the expanded the themed fudge selections offer a new take on emerging confectionery trends.'

Gourmet Packaging Design

In addition to Fudge Kitchen’s stores, our work included creating packaging designs for their gourmet products and themed gift selection boxes.

Featuring a range of specially themed items of varying sizes from their Sharer Selection Boxes, Brittle packs and Caramel cylinders.


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