Andrew Reid

Creative design and digital marketing for leading global engineering firm.

Digital Marketing & Creative Support

We have been working with HDR Andrew Reid for some time now, delivering creative and strategic support with digital marketing to increase the capacity, resources and skills within their in-house marketing team. Our work helps to promote the core services of the business and showcase the projects, achievements, and awards won by their highly talented team of engineers and construction professionals.

"Let’s Talk helped us to develop and realise our ideas in a digital marketing environment. They brought the creativity, skills and knowledge to help showcase our work to a wider audience."
Mike O’Mahony
Managing Director

Revealing Engaging Storylines

Our work appears in a variety of different places as we help to draw out and tell the unique stories within the business. From case study interviews explaining modern Smart Buildings, to animations and infographics for winning the prestigious Queen’s Award, event filming, writing news articles, and creating enhanced presentations.

We primarily support the team with material published online as part of a refreshed content strategy we helped to develop. New materials and campaigns are set for social media platforms where we help to broadcast the HDR Andrew Reid story with even greater reach.

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If you’re wondering where next? for the story of your brand, business, or campaign, we’d really love to hear from you. So let’s talk…