Over To Solar

Producing engaging video content and social media marketing assets for new solar energy business Over to Solar.

Video as a gateway for new business

In the digital age, video has become a powerful medium for businesses to communicate their message effectively. A new solar energy installation business, Over to Solar, recognised this opportunity and came to us for help creating a series of 10+ high-quality explainer videos to educate and engage new customers while optimising Over to Solar’s online presence.

The videos had to clearly convey complex concepts, such as how the light from the sun is turned into electricity to power our homes, and highlight the cost and environmental benefits of switching to solar power. In addition, Over to Solar’s brand identity needed to shine through in the videos, ensuring a consistent look and feel across the series.

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Story Reels

New website & social marketing assets

We began working with Over To Solar earlier in the year, designing the new website for the company as they prepared to launch the business. A key part of any digital marketing strategy is helping people understand what Solar can deliver to them and how it integrates with our daily lives.

Our team worked with Over to Solar to ensure their presenter scripts were concise and delivered their message so that viewers would easily comprehend the benefits of Solar. We then recorded all ten videos in a one-day shoot at a central London studio, ensuring professional production values and superior audiovisual quality, before editing the footage, incorporating visually engaging graphics and illustrations to simplify some of the more complex concepts.

The final optimised videos were published on YouTube, Over To Solar’s website, and social cut-downs were distributed across various social media platforms. The engaging content quickly captured the target audience’s attention, resulting in increased website traffic, brand visibility, and user engagement.

Ultimately, the informative and visually appealing videos have played a pivotal role in educating potential customers about the benefits of solar energy, establishing Over To Solar as a trusted industry authority.

"These informative clips help tell the story of Over To Solar, and became the engaging core of the digital marketing on social media."
Angie McFarlane
Digital Marketing Director

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