Coventry Libraries Digital Spaces

We were very proud to see a digital project we consulted on longlisted for a 2023 Digital Culture Award in February.

The Digital Spaces in Coventry Libraries project was longlisted in the award category for Digital Content Creation. The multi-strand digital culture programme was delivered by Coventry Libraries in partnership with The Space and the British Film Institute.

Our Director of Digital Strategy, Angie McFarlane, who is a digital marketing associate working with The Space, was directly involved in developing a 12-month digital marketing strategy and social media outreach campaign to raise awareness of the programme and providing mentoring support for the library services team in delivering that campaign.

The Digital Culture Awards are presented by Arts Council England’s Digital Culture Network, which celebrates and showcases digital and tech innovation in the arts and culture sector. The Digital Content award category recognises the innovative use of digital technology to create and distribute creative and cultural content into homes, venues and community spaces, positively impacting audiences.

You can read more about the Digital Spaces project here.